2.8 Main

You asked and Qualer continues to deliver!

In 2020, be more efficient and cost effective with Qualer 2.8! This release delivers more robust features, flexibility, and tools to efficiently manage your equipment and calibration processes. Additionally, we have taken security protocols to the next level with new user roles and Qualer’s Identity Service feature!

Click below to view the new and improved features!

  1. Qualer Identity Service (Single Sign-On) – Add and Manage Unlimited Users in a Snap
  2. Quickly Transfer Equipment and Service Documentation to or Between Clients
  3. Express Your Measurement Uncertainties with Unlimited Flexibility
  4. Seamlessly Integrate with MET/CAL Automation via MET/CONNECT™
  5. Build and Maintain Your Own Product Catalog Taxonomies
  6. Stratify and Deploy Employees by Skill Sets
  7. Designate Which Asset Fields are Mandatory, Optional, or Hidden
  8. Create New Work Order or Request from Existing Order or Request for Increased Efficiencies

Qualer 2.8 has many more features. Call us at 858-224-0881 to learn more about these and all the other features in the 2.8 release!